DIY Workshops


At this time we are only offering Scheduled Private Workshops and DIY kits.

Limited days and times.  Please call us @ 865-859-9282 or email us @

If you would like to have your own paint party at home, please contact us or order your kits online for local pickup or we can ship.  


Contact us to reserve your next private party.  Works the same way as the Open Workshops.  You must have at least 6 people registered 7 days prior to the scheduled date or the workshop will become a virtual workshop.                                                    Please arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to put away your belongings and get your seat and workshop item.

Workshops will last 2-2.5 hours. 







You can come alone or with your friends. You purchase your choice of sign by registering at  or by clicking one of the workshops on the Home page.  Show up 15-20 minutes early so that you can get your project, choose your seat and paint colors.  We have over 60 beautiful and trendy paint and stain colors for you to choose from. Each class offers up to 15 different projects you can make.  No one has to make the same item as the other person.  Everyone attending a workshop must register for a project.


 DROP IN AND PAINT  -None at this time

You must have been to at least 2 workshops to attend.  This class is not instructor led and you will be on your own.   We will have adult only drop ins and family drop ins.  Please be sure you read the correct date for the workshop you will be attending.   You can join us anytime during the time posted.  No registration is needed unless you want a specific item and personalization ready for you. Choose "Custom Item" and enter as much information as you can. During this time you choose your stencil and corresponding wood.  Minimum price for each person in attendance is a total of $10 on all ready to make items.  

During this time we will not be able to make custom projects.  You must contact before the scheduled date to order. NO exceptions.

Upon arrival, you will pick an apron, find a seat and receive your ready to paint project. You will then choose your paint and/or stain colors and your choice of painting technique. This workshop involves wood, so you can expect your project to be full of character featuring knots, cracks, chips and other natural blemishes.