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Dixie Belle All In One Silk Mineral Paint

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SILK ALL-IN-ONE Mineral Paint
  • Expected stock mid to late January.  Shipping will be delayed until supplies are in stock. 
  • We are only taking pre-orders.
  • With every order, we are adding a FREE Sample of White Lightening (one per person)

Available in 16 oz. only.

No prep required. Just clean with White Lighting! - Apply with a Dry Brush - Built-in topcoat, primer and stain blocker - Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time - Stays looking new longer and requires fewer coats - Full coverage and strong coating - Low reflective finish - Excellent durability - Washable for an easy - clean finish - Water, Mildew and Grease Resistant - 21 Day Cure Time - Viscosity might vary depending on pigments - Do not thin Silk unless using a sprayer - Store between 50-90°F (10-32°C.)

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