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Now Available

Creating the weathered faux effects shown in the idea gallery above and more can be achieved by simply adding Saltwash to the paint colors for the desired effect.

Example; for a Rusty faux effect, add Saltwash to brown rusty paint tones; Faux cement add Saltwash to gray paint tones and so on; and better yet, all of these ideas with “how to” detailed steps can be viewed to follow along in the “Saltwash Ideas Lookbook” available now!  

Create the look of rust, verdigris, farmhouse weathered wood, cement, sea glass and so much more!

It’s an instant and affordable genuine vintage look and, with the “Saltwash Ideas Lookbook” available now,  all of these effects are able to follow the ‘how to” steps so any craft or DIY experience level can create amazing decor items and project pieces in an afternoon!

Saltwash powder is Made in the USA and is a no voc product. All of the ingredients in it are considered safe in a working environment.