Old Cumberland Co Wax Melts and Room Sprays

Wax Melts

Available in 3 different sizes

Samples         Small - 2.5oz           Large - 5.5 oz

Our wax melts have been thoroughly tested to provide a strong and pleasant scent throw. Some of our scents are stronger than others. Each scent is tested based on an average sized room, such as a bedroom. We recommend small wax melts for small to average sized rooms. One block should be sufficient, however, two may be needed for larger rooms and open floor plans. So we recommend our large wax melts in larger rooms and open floor plans as the individual blocks are larger. We've rated our scents based on how strong they are, which is indicated by a ⭐️ next to the scent name. 

Rating Scale:  ⭐️-Light  ⭐️⭐️-Moderate  ⭐️⭐️⭐️-Strong   

**Important - Soy wax requires more heat and performs best when used with a wax warmer that has a bulb or warming plate of at least 25 watts. Scentsy warmers or low wattage warmers will not give optimum results.