Belles & Whistles Rice Decoupage Paper

Belles & Whistles Rice Decoupage Paper

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Feathers - Contains 3 sheets

Playful and fun, this high quality rice paper will bring your furniture to the next level. Use these sheets whole or cut out the feathers and place randomly. Feathers symbolize flight and freedom and with this beautiful design, you can truly let your creativity soar.

Each sheet measuring 12X12"

Florals on Black - Contains 3 sheets

This lovely decoupage paper with purple and yellow iris is sure to please. Purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom while yellow irises symbolize passion. Why not add a bit of passionate royalty to your home decor with this high quality rice paper?

Each sheet measuring 12x12"

Birds - Contains 3 sheets

Exotic and colorful, this set of decoupage papers will bring a lively vibe to your pieces craving some excitement.

Each sheet measuring 12x12"

Blue and Yellow Floral - Contains 3 sheets

This quality seamless vintage floral pattern with teal and light yellow gold will bring class to any piece of furniture. The faded scroll work in the background adds sophistication

Each sheet measuring 12x12"

Tropical on Pink - Contains 2 sheets

This alluring floral design features the protea flowers which are native to Australia and South Africa. What a perfect design to transform any daring creative to avail oneself of!

Each sheet measures 12x12"

Blue Glass Ornate - Contains 3 sheets

This is a beautiful Scandinavian seamless pattern decoupage paper. This is where the Old World meets new. This blue and white high quality rice paper design will add such a unique flavor to anyone's home decor.

Each sheet measuring 12x12"

Colorful Floral with Black and White  - Contains 3 sheets

A seamless design that features gorgeous purple irises. The surprise black and white floral pop adds such a distinctive flair. Enjoy this high quality decoupage paper for all your home decor needs.

Each sheet measuring 12x12"

Spring Flowers with Stems - Contains 3 sheets

Reminiscent of a day in a field of wildflowers, this attractive design will add such a light springy feel to your project!

Each measuring 12x12"

Blue Sketched Flowers - Contains 3 sheets

Delicate flowers are sketched to perfection with this scrapbook look. Decorate your furniture or drawer slides with this rice decoupage paper.

Each measuring 12x12"

Whimsical Mediterranean - Contains 3 sheets

Retreat to Capri with this exquisite, Mediterranean inspired pattern! Touches of blue, yellow, and red mimic the classic tile work that homes along the Mediterranean coast are admired for! Che bella!

Each measuring 12x17"

Pallet Wood Pattern - Contains 3 sheets

Distressed wood, the staple to a farmhouse style gets dolled up with spring flowers. Get creative with this rice decoupage paper.

Each sheet measuring 12x17"

Colorful Tiles - Contains 3 sheets

Add this Mediterranean style premium rice decoupage paper to your next project! Ornate tile patterns and bold color make this decoupage paper stand out!

Each sheet measuring 12x17"

How To Use

Decide where you would like to place your Premium Rice Decoupage Paper. Cut the border off of your decoupage paper.

Apply Clear Coat on the area where you want to place the decoupage paper. Place the decoupage paper on top of the Clear Coat.

Apply another layer of Clear Coat on top of the Premium Rice Decoupage paper.

Once paper is activated with Clear Coat you can move it around gently but take care not to wrinkle or tear the paper.

Allow the Clear Coat to dry completely before adding any other products.

  • Dries in one hour.
  • Cures in 21-30 days.

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