Farmhouse Crusting Mix

Farmhouse Crusting Mix

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“The 100 year old finish without the 100 year wait”. Creates a crusty, crackled, textured, peeling effect.

  • Start with a dry coat of Farmhouse Crackleize. (Apply Crackleize per directions).
  • With Farmhouse Chip Brush, Farmhouse Perlon Roller or Farmhouse Flex Trowel, apply Farmhouse Crusting Mix (the thinner applied, the smaller the crackle and the less crust will appear; the thicker the Farmhouse Crusting Mix, the larger the crackle and the more crusty texture will appear).

PEELING EFFECT; when Farmhouse Crusting Mix starts to crackle (Approx. 5-10 minutes, will vary depending on temperature conditions), Using a dampened Farmhouse Sea Sponge Roller, roll lightly over random areas to off load Farmhouse Crusting Mix. Crackle and Crust will continue as it dries.

PLASTERED TEXTURED EFFECT: to achieve texture only, no crackle or crust; Start with a dry base coat of Farmhouse Paint, (no need for Farmhouse Crackleize). Using Farmhouse Trowel or brush, apply a coat of Farmhouse Crusting Mix with as much or as little texture desired. Allow to completely dry.

  • We recommend using Farmhouse Antiquing Gel, (Apply per directions), over Farmhouse Crusting Mix. Then top coating with Farmhouse ClearCoat.

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