Terra Clay Paint by Dixie Belle 4 oz.

Terra Clay Paint by Dixie Belle 4 oz.

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We are now taking pre-orders for the Terra Clay Paint in 18 beautiful colors.  Each container is in a plastic paint can and is 16 oz.

We are so excited with the new Terra Clay Paint by Dixie Belle!

Terra is an artisan clay paint that can create texture or be a streak-free flat and beautiful. It is all how you apply it and create with it. Terra is available in 18 striking colors with no rules. Simply clean your piece with White Lightning or Terra Clean and then let your creativity run wild. When you are ready to lock in your artwork, seal it with a new oil based Terra finishing Wax or Terra Seal just like our Flat clear coat.

Because these paints are clay based they are just a little thicker than Chalk Mineral Paint and is great to use with our Silk Screen Stencils. 

Terra Paints come in 4oz. and 16 oz plastic containers.

COST: $10.95 and $26.95 

  • Moon Beam - an off white with gray undertones like the moon
  • Prairie Dawn - an old white with undertones of beige
  • Desert Tan - lighter than french linen and beautiful greige 
  • Wheat - a beautiful soft yellow 
  • Daffodil - this is a bright cheery yellow 
  • Bougainvillea - vibrant pink with a slight plum undertone
  • Marigold - this burnt sienna color has orange and yellow undertones
  • Malachite-  a lush shade of gemstone green
  • Pistachio - an exciting citron green that jumps out at you
  • Blue Agave - a soothing gray-ish blue-ish green like an agave cactus
  • Lani's Lagoon - a gorgeous marine, aqua-blue
  • Cerulean Blue - blue as a clear blue sky
  • Blue Moon - such a lovely rich teal
  • London Blue - a stormy royal blue 
  • Galaxy - a deep bold-hued blue ink 
  • Elderberry - a deep purple that has a blue-ish & black berry hue
  • Wisteria Mist - is it lavendar or is it gray - how about a dusty lavendar 
  • Onyx - dark black just like the gemstone

Terra Finishing Wax  $29.95 12 oz

The Big Daddy Brush $19.95

Terra Clean $6.95

Terra Seal (Matte) $22.95

Terra Tuff (Satin)

Terra Tuff is our extra durable water-resistant top coat that will provide protection for your piece with a beautiful satin finish.

  • Polyurethane dispersion
  • Restricts UV light for added protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very low VOCs
  • Can be applied up to 3 very thin coats
  • Stir well before use, don't shake
  • Complete dry-time: 48 hours; subject to temperature and humidity conditions

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