Inglenook Wax Melts

Inglenook Wax Melts

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100% American-grown soy, Phthalate Free scented candles. 

All Inglenook candles come in 8oz (40 hours) and 16oz (80 hours) sizes, and are made with fragrance oils (most of which have an essential oil base). All oils are pthtlatate-free.

 AIN'T MISS BEHAVIN' - Named for the B-17 Flying Fortress, Ain’t Miss Behavin’ is a great masculine scent!  Think cologne … aftershave.

 CRANBERRY HARVEST - Fall in a Jar. Cranberries blend with apples, oranges and spices to bring you Cranberry Harvest.

 SOUTHERN WELCOME - Southern hospitality in a candle. Enjoy the scent of pineapple sage.

 SWEET TEA - Life needs more Sweet Tea and Sunshine!

EUCALYPTUS EVERGREEN - Scent Notes: Formerly known as Yuletide Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Evergreen is a beautiful, fresh blend of eucalyptus with evergreen undertones of fir needle and pine.

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