Saltwash® Faux Effects Kit

Saltwash® Faux Effects Kit

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Create a variety faux effects such as Verdigris, Rust, Weathered Farmhouse wood, Sea Glass, leather and more all with just Saltwash and your favorite paint! 

 Saltwash is the Original and Best product to create weathered faux effects on any project or furniture item and now we have made it super easy for you to see for yourself with everything you will need to get started for your afternoon project, all you have to do is add the paint!

Each kit contains:

  • 1 Medium 10 oz can of Saltwash
  • 1 Quart mixing cup
  • 1 60 grit sanding Sponge
  • 2 Paint brushes 
  • 1 Saltwash Ideas Look Book ~ *We also have included as a FREE GIFT to you, our new Saltwash Ideas Lookbook in this kit so you will really get your creative ideas flowing on all the various faux effects you can create with just Saltwash and paint. We have highlighted some of the top artists from around the world in this Look Book for you to view their creative ideas and techniques on working with Saltwash in a variety of ways. 
  • 1 How to Brochure
  • 1 Stir Stick

 Create an heirloom, create a story, all in an afternoon with just Saltwash® and paint! 



  Weather conditions, such as too hot, too cold, humid or rainy can make it seem like you are waiting for days to be able to progress to your next Saltwash step. In more wet conditions, it is helpful to apply your Saltwash layer onto your surface thinner, but plan on going back over that layer with a second coat of Saltwash. Although one thin coat of Saltwash will help your project dry more quickly, it may leave you wanting  more in the way of the layered and textured look, so this second coat of your Saltwash mixture will fix that! The size of your project can also play a factor in your drying time. Larger items will of course take longer, so it is best to work in sections . Saltwash a 2ft x2ft section, and continue on in these size areas between your Saltwash globbing step and your smoothing step.  You will find you will have a more even Saltwashed layer throughout and won't get caught off guard with an over dried section.       The best thing about Saltwash® is you really can't mess it up, so make sure you have fun and for any further inquiries please don't hesitate to contact us.        


A very important tip in my opinion, is the sanding step. Sanding is the “ta-da” moment when all of the fabulous Saltwash® layers are revealed so this is a really important step. To really create the authentic look, you want to think “how would this piece or surface naturally wear over time”, and maybe give a little extra attention with the sander in this area. For instance, on the top of a dresser by the front edge you can imagine that it would get more worn over time from possible hands or items rubbing over it and wearing away at it. The same could be imagined around door knobs , drawer pulls or the corners of a piece, where it would get a lot of natural distressing from being pulled at and possibly bumped into over the years.


Mix Saltwash powder in an approximate 1:1 ratio, depending on your paint of choice.  See ratio mixing grid below.  For best results, pour paint into a mixing container first and gradually add your Saltwash® powder until it is of an “icing-like” consistency.  We suggest to begin mixing with smaller quantities of paint, 16-oz is a great starting point, and to stir your Saltwash® powder mixture every 2-4 scoops.


As a Saltwash powder beginner, we recommend applying your Saltwash powder mixture with light to medium thickness.  As you get more advanced and familiar with the Saltwash® powder you will find your ideal application and consistency.


Now for the fun part, sanding Saltwash paint.  It's time to reveal all of your fabulous Saltwash powder layers.  We recommend an electric sander, especially for larger pieces, but hand sanding will do as long as you have some elbow grease behind it.  Typically 100 Grit Sand paper works best to expose just the right amount of your Saltwash® powder base layer of paint.


After sanding Saltwash paint layers, and if you want to create an aged patina with just a little more authenticity, try applying a dark wax stain to your piece. Simply wipe wax stain across the surface of your piece allowing the dark wax to settle in the crevasses of your Saltwash® powder layers.  Wipe off excess wax with a clean soft rag.

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